Black Dragon Group Europe AS

Black Dragon Group Europe AS was established in 1997. Mainly engaged in the selling and manufacturing of skates and snow sports products. Later it became a marketing company and officially established a European sales network.

Black Dragon Group Europe AS began to enter the field of new energy in 2014. The company gradually transitioned to investment and development, mainly focused on new energy and new technologies.

The focus is especially on cooperation in offshore and onshore wind power projects. At the same time, Black Dragon Group Europe cooperates and develops with Chinese and Norwegian companies in the fields of waste treatment, and heat treatment technology.

Technological development achievements: The world's leading new generation of new energy power technology and patents. KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) technology does not depend on natural conditions such as wind, water and solar energy. The use of ordinary water for cycle power generation has the unique features of convenient construction, low cost, low pollution, small land area and wide adaptability. It can generate electricity continuously 24 hours a day, all year round. Patented technology is in the global promotion stage.